5 Dating Mistakes Men Should Avoid On the First Two Dates

Being on the dating scene can be a great way to meet new people. But if you’re looking for someone to date for long term, it’s imperative that you make a good impression on your first few dates. This way, you can take time to really know the other person. But most of the time, men make mistakes when they are just starting to know a woman. As a result, they end up going on just one or two first dates before the girl no longer responds to their invitation.

If you don’t want to end up like any of these guys, it is crucial that you stay away from the common dating mistakes such as;

Mistake #1: Being too easy to please.

Women prefer a man who’s genuinely nice. But if the guy she is dating tends to be too nice, she’ll start to think that he is just trying to achieve one thing—get into her pants. Even though women like receiving compliments, hearing it too often and a lot can certainly turn her off. This makes women think that the guy is insincere since he always laughs at all the jokes, does what he’s told, and many more. Before showing your Mr. Nice type of character on her, why not start from being Mr. Real first? You can still give her compliments and do nice things—but don’t be too easy to please or else she won’t feel challenged enough to go on another date with you.

Mistake #2: Appearing uninterested.

Another thing women really hate is when a guy asks them a question and then appears uninterested once she responds with her answer. Men tend to underestimate the fact that women notice even the very small details while they’re getting to know someone. Chances are, if you keep on showing her that you’re uninterested (by glancing around or even looking at your phone), you’ll end up having an unsuccessful date. No woman appreciates that. She knows her worth and if you are not sensitive enough to see it, then don’t expect if she’ll going to agree for another date.

Mistake #3: Being overly possessive.

Women like being pampered with your time and attention. But there’s a limit to this too. Even if you’re really interested in getting serious with her, you may cross the border without you knowing it. Instead of calling, texting and stalking her all the time, you can give her some space so that she doesn’t feel harassed. Otherwise, she’ll want to avoid you as much as she can. What you can do is to wait for her to contact you or ask her about the best time to call her. Showing your respect means a lot to her.

Mistake #4: Bragging too much.

There are some men who tend to brag to women just so they can try to prove to her that he is someone important. Usually, these men brag because they try to over compensate a lack in his personality. While you may do this with your male friends, this is a big put off for women. Instead of trying to make her like you, she wants to steer clear from you. Keep it real, show her the real you. Be a man of dignity that women will look up to.

Mistake #5: Pursuing sex too soon.

It is normal for men and women to want to have sex after the first date, especially if they are really into each other. But for some women, this is something they feel should be done after a few more dates—when she has learned more about you and the type of person you are. Instead of forcing your way, you can hold off on the pressure. While other girls are ready for that, give her some time to decide if she needs to. You will notice some hints and body language when she’s ready for it.

Try to learn more about the woman you go out with instead of just treating them as a booty call. This way, you’ll find someone who’ll be right for a long term relationship with.