3 Simple Steps To Get Over With Your Ex Quickly

Have you heard about your theme song, been at places where you and your ex have spent time together and you’ve seen stuffs that reminds you of her or him? Then suddenly, your eyes become teary. Well, it might be the right time to get over with your ex.

If you are in the mood of reminiscing about your ex, then probably you aren’t getting over with him/her yet. You can still feel the pain and remembering your ex face that brings sudden tears, anger and frustration in your heart. Break up means separation from your past. It happens when one become unsatisfied or had been through rough relationship and both did not fight to survive or fix the problem. For those of you who are struggling to get over with your past relationship, it can be hard at first especially those who have developed a strong bound and commitment with their ex’s.

The Recovery Process

The severity of emotional attachment is usually the key reason why the recovery process from a current breakup is difficult to attain and the processes involved multiple stages of healing including denial, anger, bargaining, depression and finally, the acceptance stage which is very necessary to let go the breakup itself and move forward with your life.

Here are some tips that you may take to easily get over with your ex;

Step 1 – Just Let Go


The hardest part of this is letting go of a person as an attachment figure. Your ex becomes more likely the very first person that you can rely on. Generally, long term couples build great attachment figures because the intimacy and closeness in the relationship becomes deeper. Given those depth attachment makes it hard for one to let go of a person. The best way to detach is to replace your ex with other people and may assume the role of primary attachment figure.

Step 2 – Try Dating

Next is to get back into dating stage. Just because you are dating someone, doesn’t mean you should enter into a new relationship. In fact, getting involved with a wrong relationship will only make you think about your ex more. But scouting out some new dating prospects, and maybe going on a fun date now and then, can really help to shift your romantic focus away from your ex and onto the new relationship that you can look forward to having when you’re ready for it.

Step 3 – Divert Your Attention

Last but not the least, it is important to minimize or completely eliminate the time you spend with your ex. In other words, try to avoid doing things together wherein emotions run particularly high or low. Try to find other people who can fill that space in your life and it will really help you to move on emotionally.

Surviving from breakups can be so stressing and never an easy process, I know. Nevertheless, if you are keen to look for ways on how to get through all of it, the recovering process will be a lot easier. Learn to know your worth, think that you deserve something better and just keep on moving forward. By releasing yourself from the past, you can welcome a new relationship with a fresh perspective and clearer vision.